Church of God Conducts Mother’s Street Campaign Cleanup

August 16, 2022
Church of God Conducts Mother's Street Campaign Cleanup

The World Mission Society Church of God in Sunland rang in the New Year 2020 by conducting Mother’s Street Campaign Cleanup on Commerce Avenue in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles on Sunday, January 5, 2020. Over 50 members of the Church of God arose early on a Sunday morning to roll up their sleeves and beautify the Tujunga neighborhood in northern Los Angeles.

In the individualistic society we live in, the church members constantly strive to set good examples for their communities.  The Mother’s Street Campaign Cleanup was the 6,271th effort the church has carried out worldwide. The goal of the Church of God in conducting these cleanup campaigns is to share love with their local communities with the heart of Mother.

Dozens of bags of trash and abandoned items such as old televisions and furniture were collected from the streets and quickly filled the large trash container provided by the city’s sanitation department. Neighborhoods residents were grateful and complimented the church volunteers who participated. Drivers passing by in their vehicles sounded honks in approval.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Monica Rodriguez, who represents the city’s 7th district where the cleanup was held, presented the church with a letter of appreciation for their heartfelt service for the community. “Your exemplary efforts have been of great value to the City of Los Angeles. We extend our best wishes for continued success in all of your future endeavors,” read the Councilwoman’s letter. The volunteers look forward to future projects with the City of Los Angeles and its affiliate offices, such as community beautification, blood drives, disaster relief, senior welfare, and more to deliver Mother’s heartwarming love to the world.