Church of God Volunteers Clean Up Hollywood

August 16, 2022
Church of God Volunteers Clean Up Hollywood

World Mission Society Church of God volunteers cleaned up Hollywood in its 6611th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign on Sunday, January 23. Over 60 volunteers from 5 branch churches across Los Angeles County gathered in the Melrose Hill neighborhood on a warm Sunday morning to pick up trash that had been littered throughout the pandemic.

Keeping the City of Stars Clean

As the movie capital of the world, Hollywood is known for its glamorous lifestyle. However, the trash-filled streets portray a different reality. To combat this depressing image and protect the environment, the World Mission Society Church of God volunteers rolled up their sleeves and put on their gloves to pick up disposable masks, empty bottles, fast food wrappers, abandoned furniture, shopping carts, and much more. With bright smiles that are even visible through their masks, the volunteers cleaned up thinking of the positive environment that they would be able to create through this cleanup. By the end of the united effort, the dumpster bin provided by the City’s Sanitation Department was at full capacity, teeming with all the debris that the church members collected.

Support from the City Council, Neighbors, and Local Media

Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, who represents the 13th District, came to show his support and expressed the importance of the event. Speaking to the volunteers at the beginning of the cleanup, Councilmember O’Farrell said, “I cannot thank you all enough for being here.” He added, “With every little piece of trash we pick up, just know you are participating in uplifting this community.” After his words of encouragement, he presented the Church of God with a Certificate of Appreciation saying, “On behalf of this community, this is just as a token of our appreciation for what you are doing today.”

Halfway through the cleanup, local news affiliate ABC7 arrived on the scene at the Santa Monica Boulevard overpass of the 101 freeway. The media outlet was able to capture the volunteers in action as they piled up the trash in to pick up trucks for transport to the dumpster.

While the members were busy picking up trash, neighbors came out from their balconies and passing vehicles honked their horns expressing their support for the volunteers. A resident of the community said, “Thank you to the Church of God for making this community beautiful again.”

Church of God Volunteers Clean Up Hollywood

Volunteers Continue to Impact the Community

The World Mission Society Church of God continues to help its local communities and help the earth by conducting cleanups worldwide. It is especially needed now as government offices become overwhelmed with the ongoing task of mitigating the pandemic. While cleanups are not a unique volunteer event, it is the optimism and contagious positivity that separates the Church of God from other volunteer organizations. That same positive energy inspires the Church to continually impact our neighbors locally and in our global village.